Solas is a table-top RPG set in the fantastical world of Ean Speir. A land with sweeping vistas, monumental palaces, warring factions, and pirates… The Royals prey upon all subjects, tightening their grip with an iron fist. Hope is fading. Will you not stand and fight!? You must become part of a secret pirate-faction, an assembly of Ean Speir’s bravest, strongest, and craziest Warriors. Warriors who refuse to lay-down any longer in the face of unstoppable tyranny. Take up the mantle, forget your past. Before it’s too late, we must find the SOLAS…

This project was a collaboration between myself and Spencer Davis. I was responsible for all the illustration work including, characters, vehicles, environments, tokens, and game boards. The latter handled all story and game-play elements.

Character Designs: Playable Heroes

Initial Hero-Character Ideation & Form Exploration
Final Hero Character: The Thief
Final Hero Character: The Paladin
Final Hero Character: The Barbarian
Final Hero Character: The Cleric
Final Hero Character: The Ranger
Final Hero Character: The Sorceress
Final Team of Heroes

Non-Playable Characters: Design & Illustration

Villain Concept & Development
12 Different (non-playable character) Tokens: Digital Illustrations

Items and Vehicles: Design and Illustration

Campaign Items (Various): 25 Different Items to Aid Players Throughout the Quest
Solas Vehicle: Early Ideation
Solas:Final Ship Design
Hero Team: Pirate Skiff
Royal Flagship

World Map, Locations, & Game-Boards

World Map
Major World Cities
The City of Royal Righ
The Frozen Palace of Cian
The Plains of Aionar
The City of Righ Beinn
The Inner Swallow
Game Boards: Upper Decks
Game Board: Main Deck
Game Board: Crew Quarters
Game-Board: Storage Hull

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