I worked as the lead designer on the Star Wars line for the entirety of my three years at Spin Master. Below are a series of concepts created to fill the novelty/collectable slot of our Lucasfilm licensing agreement. I had a wonderful time getting to play and work within the Star Wars universe. As a lifelong fan it was a dream come true.

Star Wars Box Buster: Concepts & Final Product
Star Wars Bouncers: Novelty Collectable Concept
Star Wars Tornadoes: Collectable Novelty Item Concept
Star Wars Force Flix: Collectable Novelty Game Concept
Star Wars Force Tops: Product Components: Magnetic Base, Weapon Ring, Character Top, Rip-Chord, and Magnetic Force Band
Base Design: Ideation and Refinement
Character Disks: Concepts
Weapon Disks: Final Concepts
Battle Arena: Final Concept

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