Art direction and Illustration for mobile game Mafia 187.

An early professional assignment in the world of illustration. I was commissioned to create a series of character, location, and mission designs to be used in the turn-based mobile game. Final deliverables ranged from quick ideation to in-game final paintings for mission and menu screens. Below is a collection of said deliverables.

Character Design & Development

Character Sketches & Photoshop Renderings
(From Left to Right: The Goon, The Security, The Bodyguard, The Hitman, The Kingpin)

Production Paintings: Cityscape Backgrounds

New York: Photoshop Painting
Miami: Photoshop Painting
Chicago: Photoshop Painting
El Paso: Photoshop Painting
Los Angeles: Photoshop Painting
Ambush in the streets:Digital Painting
Business at the Casino: Digital Painting
The Warehouse: Digital Painting
A day at the track: Digital Painting

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