While working at Spin Master, myself and my team were tasked with the creation of a high-end “BB-8” remote controlled figure. Since BB-8 is an existing Star Wars character and property of Lucasfilm, our design process focused much more on licensor accuracy and play pattern. One item however had to be designed from the ground up.

My task was to design and develop the remote control to be included with the final product. From initial concepts, to functionality, to production and licensing approvals, It was my job to oversee the entire development process from beginning to end. Below are grouping of sketches, schematics, and renders highlighting the process of the overall design.

Initial Concept for the Remote.
This would be the first of three different directions we would take deep into development before settling on the final “on-shelf” design.
This concept was heavily based on the design form and functionality of the Wii remote.
Additional development for the initial remote design.
Initial Ideation for remote concept 2
It was determined that a more traditional two-handed remote would be required to best suit the product.
Additional Development for remote concept 2
Focusing the Design
Final Design Direction: Photoshop Sketch
Final Product Photo (e-commerce use)
Final Product Photo (e-commerce use)

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