Footwear design is always a fun space to explore, with seemingly endless variations to create and ever evolving trends at ones disposal. 

One such trend that continues to be uncovered is at the crossroads of sport and high fashion. A place where unique and appealing forms, colors, and textures can combine in attempt to capture that illusive lightning in a bottle. It is within this space that I want to dip my feet into the world of footwear design. 

Below are a collection of quick ideations, in-depth studies, and final renders. All of which explore the blending of different ideas into one cohesive design. Some concepts are more sport oriented while others trend towards the fashion end of the spectrum. Whatever the blend may be, it is about finding the right balance for any given design. 

Process: Hand sketching > Color Block > Final Renders
Quick Ideations
Sneaker Boot Development & Final Design (Lateral and Medial Sides)
Modern Trainer
Sleek Trainer Development & Final Design (Lateral and Medial Sides)

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