The Avengers Tech: Iron Man Watch is an Iron Man themed digital watch for children.  

Designed using several visual cues from Marvel’s Iron Man suit and including several unique functionalities, this officially licensed watch not only keeps children punctual but provides enjoyable roll-play for any fan of Iron Man. 

Mimicking the look of both Tony Stark’s famous ARC reactor and Iron Man suit, the watch includes LEDs and voice FX to give the user a fully immersive tech-driven experience. 

As lead designer on the Avengers Tech: Iron Man Watch, It was my task to develop the overall look, functionality, and play-pattern for the product from beginning to end. My duties included visual and functional conceptualization, art direction of 3D models, cost reduction with engineering and manufacturing teams, and working with the licensor to maintain visual continuity in both product and branding.  

Conceptualization & Features
Final CAD Models
Final Tooling Model

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